November 2, 2020

Sónia Martins is the Nurse Coordinator for the EMPIRICAL study at sites coordinated by UEM [Hospital Central de Maputo (HCM), Hospital Geral José Macamo (HGJM), Hospital Geral Mavalane (HGM), Hospital Provincial de Matola (HPM), and Hospital Central de Beira(HCB)]. She is a pediatric nurse by training and was working at HCM prior to her role with EMPIRICAL supporting Quality Improvement and Nutritional programs in the Department of Pediatrics at HCM. For EMPIRICAL, she is the focal point for screening, recruitment and informed consent, and study procedures at HCM.

She personally follows up with each recruited family before follow-up appointments and is their focal point if they have any problems or concerns related to the study after discharge. And she also coordinates the training and supervision of nurses at other sites. With the inclusion of HCB as a recruitment site, Sónia Martins will have the chance to return to Beira where she worked previously and build on professional relationships that she has had there for many years.

Outside of work, she is a mother of two girls and when they allow her time she enjoys exercise, cooking, and dancing.

Team from the UEM / Hospital Central de Maputo involved in EMPIRICAL project