March 17, 2021

Trained as a medical doctor at the Latin-American School of Medicine in Cuba and Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacology, Dr Vivian Mumbiro is today the focal medical officer for EMPIRICAL study at the University of Zimbabwe Clinical Research Centre. She was attached to the Department of Paediatrics at Sally Mugabe Hospital, a major referral hospital in Harare, and has worked on other paediatric clinical trials ODDYSEY and CHAPAS-4 where she gained experience in clinical research.

For Empirical she is affectionately known as “Dr Vee”, the team leader for screening, recruitment, and follow-up medical management of participants during and after hospital admission. Dr Mumbiro also sensitizes fellow medical officers in the general hospitals and maintains daily contact to facilitate the identification of potential participants admitted to the hospital.

Outside of work, “Dr Vee” is a mother of one child and enjoys travelling and outdoor activities like netball and taking long walks.

Vivian Mumbiro