HerpeZ Limited (HerpeZ)

HerpeZ, together with the University of Lincoln (UoL), leads the recruitment at the University Teaching Hospital of Lusaka, Zambia, a busy referral centre with unique access to large numbers of paediatric patients.

In addition they provide an essential clinical laboratory support based in the knowledge of novel diagnostic tools for herpes virus infections, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

About HerpeZ Limited
HerpeZ is a not-for-profit medical research organisation in Zambia founded in 2012 by Dr Matthew Bates (PhD) and Dr Kunda Musonda (MBChB, PhD). They are based at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia, and they are interested in a range of infectious disease threats, which are important causes of morbidity and mortality, for which current diagnostic and therapeutic strategies are inadequate. Their goal is to generate knowledge that informs on improved diagnostic or treatment strategies, resulting in better outcomes and saving lives.


HerpeZ Limited (HerpeZ)


CHISHALA CHABALAPrincipal Investigator
Consultant paediatrician at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka who comes to the EMPIRICAL project with a wealth of experience in conducting clinical research and clinical trials from leading projects like CHAPAS, SHINE and more recently TB SPEED. He will be leading all clinical aspects of the trial at the Zambian site.
Post-doctoral research scientist with a doctorate in pathogen biology. He has worked with HerpeZ on TB diagnostic trials as well as work done into Betaherpesvirus infections like CMV within the Zambian context. He will be leading the laboratory component of the study at the Zambian site.

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